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VIXEN - Discography 1988-1998 [MPC@Insane]
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2005-02-21 12:20:03 GMT

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Vixen being one of my very favourite bands and 'Rev It Up' one of the greatest hard rock albums ever made, just couldn't resist uploading the whole discography. Grab 'em!

All three studio albums:

Vixen 'self titled' - 1988
Rev It Up - 1990
Tangerine - 1998

In insanely high quality mpc audio!
+ cover scans


vilket programm bränner man med???
wich program should i burn it with??
If you want to burn them as audio-cd I suggest you download mpc batch encoder from and then decode files to .wav form
i have dbpower amp ,does it work with that to?
No it didnt look as if it works with db power,iwill try your suggestion,many thanks to you.....
wtf is mpc??? is it possible to change it to a normal damn mp3 file
mpc is more advanced audio codec than mp3, you must re-encode them to mp3 with a good ripping tool that fully supports both audio formats, or first decode to wav and then encode to mp3, this procedure costs you degraded sound quality
arrrgh,,ok thanx for the information
keep seeding ppl
I hope i can download and get this to work:-) I was at a consert in the late 90:s with Vixen, they play before Scorpions in Stockholm....
txh MusicFinder for your Vixen albums
for those who downloads and cand play,
you can download a plugin for winamp and it works OK!
I hadn't even heard about musepack before I saw this torrent. Luckily xmms-musepack was easy to find and worked flawlessly - I was playing these songs only seconds after the download was complete. One more reason to use Linux(Debian).
Still, do we really need more semi-obscure audioformats to mess up our music-collections?
Before this, my collection had only mp3 and ogg, about half of each.
Anyway, thanks for the music - Vixen is right up there with my favourites!
thanks very much