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Manowar - 2007 - Gods Of War
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2007-02-23 14:11:00 GMT

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Here's the latest Manowar album for all of you metalheads. Hail And Kill!!!

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nfostitas: Why complain? Do you have a better seeder?
thx mate...
Been waiting for this one!! THX Exile
thx man,,,nice upload
Where is the CD-covers???.
thnx at exile.mind, well torrent well speed ø140KB/s
the torrentlink for loading covers seems not to work. waiting more than 2 hours yet, nothing "came in". 5 peers but no seeders?!?
is there anybody who want to mail this one?
thanks!! finally its out!!!
Thx man, great upload. Keep the good work up :o)
i can't believe you guys fucked this band in the ass.. it has been only a few weeks since the album has been released (only today in UK!). at least wait for another 3-4 months.
I already bought the CD, actually bought 3 and gave 2 of'em to my friends. I support this band since 89. If this is what u mean.

I really love this band and I know they are not rich, best to say, they live for the day. The only source of money is the album sales and live shows (as most of the old school HM bands).

Only an idiot would say these files are "evaluated" by torrent downloaders. C'mon man! Be serious. What u do is back-stabbing the band. We all know that most of the grabbers here will not buy the album.

I am not questioning the torrent thing, I regularly download and "evaluate" (!) torrent movies (especially the ones from axxo). But this Manowar thing is something else. You can upload the whole fuckin' Metallica history and share, but don't do this to a band like Manowar.

I am not against the old albums by the way, this is a brand new album. I hope u get what i say
Man, I see u r a dedicated torrent guy and you are talking ok but u r also deflecting what I try to say. U still don't get it, I personally know the band and they are not like Metallica and they need some support. And the best + most effective way is to sell the albums. That's it. That's what I tried to say. I did not insult anyone. I am here right? Downloading movie torrents.. Right?

I really don't get it how u correlate fan support and downloading the whole album for free, but that's ok, I'll give that to you. Just do not try to lecture anyone about progress o' the internet and adapting and other shit. I am really allergic to that that kinda stuff as most. Sorry to say. I am only here for "evaluation".

Anyway.. I think this is just a comment page, no need to convert this into a forum.

But thanks anyways
10x a lot man :)
I cant put my hatred against you in words. You ruin for Manowar by downloading. As for every other band. How can you bare that shame? fy fan.
From the time that someone metalhead places a torrent like this we should encourage him,So don't complain if he seeds or not.Probably the guy is seeding. UP THE HAMMERS
Not their best album but some of the songs are great wile some are not so good.
Would the above twats please leave their "Is this stealing?" arguments for a more relevant forum. This has been argued to the death and you've ruined my Manowar vibe. For shame...
I just want to say that f_2_o is right. If someone really love this band will not steal albums. I really love this band and I buy! This is my simple way to say "Thank you" for the great music they make!
thanks heaps :)
i am stuck at 95% seed!!!!!
pleese seders!!!thank you this album!!!!köszönöm!!!